June 20, 2015 Catherine Wayland, Hilton Head

Hello IF mag readers,

The days of summer have longer minutes.  I am grateful for this.  It seems that during the school year, between my long teaching days, and after school homework into longer sports practices into weekends of sports competitions and church Sundays, summer takes a pause.  This pause allows to happen that are unscheduled. Today, Brody and I rolled around in the surf pretending to be the body of whale washing on shore.  We laughed and rolled over each other.  Jax kayaked.  I ended the day with friends and a sunset over the water.  It was a day that just happened as if there were no plans and yet everything went as smoothly as lovely piece of music.  catleighannebirgit


Catherine Wayland Hilton Head Island Rec Soccer Coach Boys 10,11 wins first playoff, 7 to 1

What a fantastic this past Tuesday, Catherine Wayland , Hilton Head Coach for boys 10,11 brought her team to a 7 to 1 victory over Jet Pack!!!  “We got there early and warmed up,” said Wayland.  It worked.  The boys knew to take their positions and remain flexible on the rotations and subs.  We brought our strongest goalie back in the box after an injury, but kept resting him with goal keeper rotations.  “Interesting,” said Wayland but some of my strongest forwards are also my strong D line, and my goal keepers. ” So, if it keeps us fresh and strong, I’ll play them where they need to be.”    Tomorrow is the second elimination playoff.  Let’s see what happens!soccerparty

Catherine Wayland, Hilton Head SC USA – Coaching young boys to men

The regular season ended today with a 4 to 0 win.  We end the season with five wins, 1 tie and 2 losses.  We go into the playoffs in third place.  But what is remarkable and worth noting, is that I am an ex-ballerina with no sports background who simply said “yes” to a request for me to coach.   I said, “yes”.  My son didn’t say “no”.  That began our accidental adventure and bond in the most unlikely sphere.  Since my oldest was born 12 years ago, I have been nurturing mama, teaching mama, reading, writing, manners mama, charming, social etiquette mama, but not, oh no…not ATHLETIC MAMA……but saying ‘yes” allowed us a new adventure 12 years after Jax was born.  Unlikely.  Surprising.  Successful.    soccerparty

A Day To Wait For as A Parent……

Dear If family,

So…..the single parenting thing has been hard.  But here is my wonderful moment that makes it all worth it.  I am coaching the older son’s soccer team.  I am an “ex ballerina” that has never competed in sports so I had to research and understand how to coach this team.  The first two game, we lost , but then we started to win, 2 games won, 1 tie, another win, and the boys were psyched.  I brought Dads to help assist, an ex Europe League player, and we worked hard.  Then, on Sunday’s win, I said, “you’ve done great, lets scrimmage on the beach..yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” So, my team showed up on Monday for practice and scrimagged on the beach with my 8 pizzas and 3 other parents that helped with napkins, plates, and juice/water.  But the scrimmage turned into beach swim.  It was my own little MsFarland USA, a moment in the team’s season, where we just had fun for fun, but well deserved.

Sundays and the day before chaos

Thank goodness there is a weekend to catch up to catch your breath.  My weekends as a single parent are still quite busy. The boys are with their Daddy Friday nights.  But by the time I close the classroom, go to the chiropractor and exercise, I am good for a movie on Netflix.  Sometimes I have ventured out w friends on a very small window of dinner from 630 to 830 is because a) after getting up at 5 30 a.m. 9 pm feels like 2 o’clock in the morning and having active kids means every Saturday for the last 7 years is athletic games ball and now soccer .   So a late Friday night would be a painful loud game at 1000 am. Saturdays are games then the boys are with me on Saturday nights and Sundays and we go to church where I teach sunday school.  But having said that there are unscheduled hours and minutes in a weekend that are fantastic  and you think “this feels like a nice life….tomorrow’s rat race will come again but for this moment it’s still sunday…..lordy thank u.  Here is to more Sundays in life,cat