IF mag responds to teen calling police on parents

I am happy these past 10 years that we have featured stories about families from around the world.  But I would also like International Family Magazine to be a voice.  I don’t want it to be just my voice or the other authors that contribute to IFmag.  But the voice of many families.  So, I have begun in the September issue of IF mag to put some current event interest stories on IFmag to see if there is a voice, or voices that comes from our family here at IFmag.  So, let’s start with the teen calling the police because he or she didn’t want to go on a family vacation and wanted the legal authorities to stop them or there to be consequences for that type of parent abuse “forcing a child to participate”.  On the one hand I have a very clear memory of my own.  From 2012 to 2013 my oldest son became a teenager.  Those two summer vacations looked and felt very different.  In 2012, before fully hitting the hormonal impact winds, my son came on ourEuropean vacation and was a participant.  No one had to ask, he just behaved as always in our family as though he were  a player.  Fast forward to the next summer and he curled into a fetal position towards the door and sighed heavily unless someone gave him a device to contact his peers.  Yes, he had become a teenager.  If he had picked up the phone to call the police to our house to have me dragged away and he taken to social services over our California highway trip, I would have worried that something in our family dynamic had gone haywire.  For me, that type of usurping my parental authority not just by ignoring it, yelling at it, doing what he pleased, but engaging the authorities to put me in trouble, would have for me, made the ground I walked on fall away.  Something about that would have worried me that my child felt he had a power in which enabled him more of an adult, less in need of my parenting and ready as it were for emancipation.  I might have challenged him by allowing social services to take a suitcase and go with them.  Then, go on our vacation without him while he experienced foster care for 2 weeks till the home visit and interviews to see if we were fit could be arranged.  I say that, but I am sure I don’t know what I would have done.  But I reflect these days on the children of this generation that seem to feel they have outgrown the need for their parents, speak it loudly and disrespectfully as they take our money and rides.  Yes, teens go through a muddlywump.  But are some of the teenagers these days taking it too far?  Even worse, have we as parents enabled them so much in their pre-teen years to be all, be winners, express themselves that we never saw the backlash coming?   Something to think about.  Maybe IFmag has a conversation on it.  As they used to say on a comedy show in the U.S. “talk amongst youselves.”


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