Catherine Wayland – Back to School

poncedeleonmiddleschoolThe summer days are counting down here in Florida for the boys to go back to school.  This is about the time, a couple weeks before school starts that everyone gets restless for a routine, structure.  Yes!  Even the kids, I promise.  I watch my children leave the school year exhausted just like their mama, a middle school teacher.  Too many end of year tests!! But at this point in the summer, they crave routine, structure, their energy isn’t being used up as their brains have turned to mush!!!!!!!  We have moved down here to Coral Gables Florida to rejoin Daddy who was job hunting down here.  Mama did the single parenting thing for a year and God Bless anyone that does it for more – almost did me in!!!!!!!!!   Luckily my separated husband and I remain dear friends and I need him as a co-parent.  So, in two weeks, we look forward to Ponce De Leon Middle School in Coral Gables Florida and their Magnet IB Gifted Program to do the trick for my restless teen and pre teen!!!!!!!


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