Catherine Wayland, Teacher from Hilton Head Island, SC moves to Miami County, FL

After 8 years of teaching in Beaufort County, Catherine Wayland editor of International Family Magazine moves further south to work on her doctoral degree.  Wayland knows this is a big move for her family.  As a teacher in Beaufort County, Wayland was often emotionally moved by a student’s essay about the impact of a move on their life.  So, Wayland is taking this move from Beaufort to Miami very seriously for her two sons.  Wayland began to prepare her sons a year ago.  Their father had left the Beaufort County area to look for work in New York and Miami.  As very amicable co-parents, Wayland and the sons’ father decided Miami would be the best for everyone.  Catherine Wayland and her sons don’t have family in Beaufort County. So it has been a wonderful eight years but a stop on the way back to family.  A lot of Wayland’s family has moved south in the last five years.  This was a positive for her sons. Especially, that their father had agreed and found a home near the neighborhood Wayland targeted close to the University and the boys’ middle school.   Also, the sports is very active in Florida.  So, this blog will journal a family’s move.  Catherine Wayland wants to make sure to take the treasures she got in Beaufort County, and bring those gems with her family.  A geographic adventure and new home can be an exciting time for a family if it is planned well.  But, always expect the downsides as well, and accept that it is part of life.  If Wayland’s sons get sad at leaving friends, she is prepared to make sure they connect with their Beaufort friends on vacations and three day school holidays.


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