Catherine Wayland, Hilton Head, SC July 14 – LAFINC.ORG – Low Country Autism Foundation

Hello dear friends, today starts my campaign as co-chair for this year’s Low Country Autism Foundation fundraiser.  It will be held at the Hilton Head Country Club in HHP Plantation on Sept 11. What better way to honor a day that this country lost so many than to look to help those that are in need.   So, I am getting people to come to an evening of Deaz Guys, dinner, drinks and dancing for $90 per person.  Life is short, I worked in Wall Street before becoming a teacher, and right before 9/11 I was going up in the Twin Tower elevators and I thought, “someday this elevator is going to bust, or a fire break out…and I better do something meaningful….”  9/11 happened shortly after and I was not in the Liberty building or the Deutsche Bank building because I had left full time work as an analyst to work contract and decide what was next.  I was at 18 and 5th at the City Bakery and I watched the devastation in horror and then thought, “God must have heard my prayer…I better do something meaningful.” So, I gave birth to two beautiful sons, stayed home with them for 7 years, went back to get another Masters, this time in Education/Special Education and became a middle school teacher.  800 students later, I want to further challenge myself to do more charitable work. So here goes…if you have ever had a moment of clarity as I did in the Twin Tower elevators…that your life might be more about helping, giving, creating something magical with the gifts you have….jump on board for this year’s wonderful LAF (Lowcountry Autism Foundation).   I am looking to sell tickets, I am also looking for groups to take a table, I will be building a table, and I know a few companies that are taking people out and writing it off with the non profit tax id.  I am looking for auction items, vacation rentals, chefs, massages, tennis or golf pros, art, clothing, jewelry, symphony tickets, music lessons, theatre tickets, gift certificates, and door prizes that are $25-$50 retail baskets to promote local businesses, and finally yes CORPORATE SPONSORS!!!!!!!!!!!  Let’s dance, laugh and help someone who needs you!


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