Summer, 2015 – July 2 “Up the Mountain and Back”

Hi IF readers, It is an evening on July 2nd.  I just took my oldest son Jax up to the Highlands of North Carolina for his first time away from home at sleep away camp.  He will be 13 in 2 months and this is really his first time away from me for more than 3 or 4 days with his father, or another family member.  I have been very protective, but I have also enjoyed my children very much.  But, it was time for him to be on his own a little.  Jax has grown so much physically this past year that at 5 foot 8 at age 12, he has looked like a high school kid, and the pressure of it has been tough.  The girls especially. So, a few weeks up in the mountains at our church camp at “The Mountain” which is owned by the Unitarian Church, with great people, great counselors, will be great.  Even if it isn’t great, it will be a learning of self, away from the nagging of parents.  I went away to boarding schools and camps at age 12 never to return because the family that adopted me, my mother got ill emotionally and physically and could not care for my sister and I anymore.  That was too much, too young.  But my Jax, he has been soo loved and so cared for, and he is ready for a little time to know himself, and then come back and integrate that back into a very close knit, loving family that wants him to grow up and strong so he can leave someday to become a young man, at the right time for college or a job. I can’t call him to hear the stories, but I can send him emails, he has been gone since Sunday, it is Thursday, and I have written him 2 long emails, trying not to overdo, trying to tell him how loved he is.  The great balancing act of love, it is a daily exercise in discipline and abundance, the great paradox of life.  Well, dear IF readers, I will post a picture or two, and upcoming blogs about my work with Lowcountry Autism and a fundraiser in the Fall, great reading, Cat Wayland, Hilton Head, SCscenicviewmountain


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