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Dear readers,

I have recently made a life change.  A big life change.  I resigned from a teaching job in order to put my health, and time with my family a priority.  These weren’t the only reasons of course.  I had come to a wall that was affecting my health issues quite negatively my blood pressure was off the roof.   I seem to work harder at a job that upped the list of impossible daily.  I worked day, night and weekends.  But I wasn’t achieving the results that I usually enjoyed.  I became a bear in a china show, a sick, high blood pressure bear which meant something was terribly wrong.  As an overachiever, this is not an easy thing to face.  I have made steps towards expanding my credentials.   Besides the B.A. English Literature, M.A.,English/Writing and M.S in Education and Special Education, I also picked up a TOEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification) and an endorsement in Gifted instruction.  All this being said, like anyone, I got lost in just saying yes to assignments without checking in with my own life map to see if they were a “fit”.  So, I am giving myself time to check in with my map.  I am pursuing income through real estate and private tutoring because ohhh by the way I sat for my Florida Realtor licence as well in my search for my map.  Overachieving can be such a liability.  I can just keep moving without any sense for my destination.  So here I am.  I wanted to bring my International Family Magazine readers into this dilemma and journey with me.   I do not think my situation is unusual.  But normal as it is, it is a tough one.  I want to hear your stories to publish here as well.  Please write to me at and let’s share this journey together.   This journey has no country, gender, or borders of any kind. It is our human journey.   In the meantime I have been reading the Oprah’s “O” books, and in particular her “Finding Your True Purpose”.  I am where many people my age are in this journey.  There comes a point where a job to get paid for bills and sustaining your family is not enough, it is still the number one priority to not put your family at risk by ever acting impulsive or selfishly.  But as a parent if you do not also show your children to fight for what you want to do,  than you will have taught them a legacy of labor and not of passion.  As always dear readers, my international family, stay in touch, Cat Wayland Editor and Owner of International Family Magazine


IF mag responds to teen calling police on parents

I am happy these past 10 years that we have featured stories about families from around the world.  But I would also like International Family Magazine to be a voice.  I don’t want it to be just my voice or the other authors that contribute to IFmag.  But the voice of many families.  So, I have begun in the September issue of IF mag to put some current event interest stories on IFmag to see if there is a voice, or voices that comes from our family here at IFmag.  So, let’s start with the teen calling the police because he or she didn’t want to go on a family vacation and wanted the legal authorities to stop them or there to be consequences for that type of parent abuse “forcing a child to participate”.  On the one hand I have a very clear memory of my own.  From 2012 to 2013 my oldest son became a teenager.  Those two summer vacations looked and felt very different.  In 2012, before fully hitting the hormonal impact winds, my son came on ourEuropean vacation and was a participant.  No one had to ask, he just behaved as always in our family as though he were  a player.  Fast forward to the next summer and he curled into a fetal position towards the door and sighed heavily unless someone gave him a device to contact his peers.  Yes, he had become a teenager.  If he had picked up the phone to call the police to our house to have me dragged away and he taken to social services over our California highway trip, I would have worried that something in our family dynamic had gone haywire.  For me, that type of usurping my parental authority not just by ignoring it, yelling at it, doing what he pleased, but engaging the authorities to put me in trouble, would have for me, made the ground I walked on fall away.  Something about that would have worried me that my child felt he had a power in which enabled him more of an adult, less in need of my parenting and ready as it were for emancipation.  I might have challenged him by allowing social services to take a suitcase and go with them.  Then, go on our vacation without him while he experienced foster care for 2 weeks till the home visit and interviews to see if we were fit could be arranged.  I say that, but I am sure I don’t know what I would have done.  But I reflect these days on the children of this generation that seem to feel they have outgrown the need for their parents, speak it loudly and disrespectfully as they take our money and rides.  Yes, teens go through a muddlywump.  But are some of the teenagers these days taking it too far?  Even worse, have we as parents enabled them so much in their pre-teen years to be all, be winners, express themselves that we never saw the backlash coming?   Something to think about.  Maybe IFmag has a conversation on it.  As they used to say on a comedy show in the U.S. “talk amongst youselves.”

Catherine Wayland – Back to School

poncedeleonmiddleschoolThe summer days are counting down here in Florida for the boys to go back to school.  This is about the time, a couple weeks before school starts that everyone gets restless for a routine, structure.  Yes!  Even the kids, I promise.  I watch my children leave the school year exhausted just like their mama, a middle school teacher.  Too many end of year tests!! But at this point in the summer, they crave routine, structure, their energy isn’t being used up as their brains have turned to mush!!!!!!!  We have moved down here to Coral Gables Florida to rejoin Daddy who was job hunting down here.  Mama did the single parenting thing for a year and God Bless anyone that does it for more – almost did me in!!!!!!!!!   Luckily my separated husband and I remain dear friends and I need him as a co-parent.  So, in two weeks, we look forward to Ponce De Leon Middle School in Coral Gables Florida and their Magnet IB Gifted Program to do the trick for my restless teen and pre teen!!!!!!!

Catherine Wayland Hilton Head Gets Ready to Start Doctoral Degree

After 8  years of teaching to the students on Hilton Head Island, Catherine Wayland is ready to get her doctoral degree down south.  “I am excited about this new opportunity to synergize all my learning as a teacher and put it down in a paper that I hope will become a teaching workshop book for teaching ESOL (Second Language Students).”   I’d like to finish the PhD and work with teachers so we can get the model to the right fit for everyone.

Catherine Wayland, Teacher from Hilton Head Island, SC moves to Miami County, FL

After 8 years of teaching in Beaufort County, Catherine Wayland editor of International Family Magazine moves further south to work on her doctoral degree.  Wayland knows this is a big move for her family.  As a teacher in Beaufort County, Wayland was often emotionally moved by a student’s essay about the impact of a move on their life.  So, Wayland is taking this move from Beaufort to Miami very seriously for her two sons.  Wayland began to prepare her sons a year ago.  Their father had left the Beaufort County area to look for work in New York and Miami.  As very amicable co-parents, Wayland and the sons’ father decided Miami would be the best for everyone.  Catherine Wayland and her sons don’t have family in Beaufort County. So it has been a wonderful eight years but a stop on the way back to family.  A lot of Wayland’s family has moved south in the last five years.  This was a positive for her sons. Especially, that their father had agreed and found a home near the neighborhood Wayland targeted close to the University and the boys’ middle school.   Also, the sports is very active in Florida.  So, this blog will journal a family’s move.  Catherine Wayland wants to make sure to take the treasures she got in Beaufort County, and bring those gems with her family.  A geographic adventure and new home can be an exciting time for a family if it is planned well.  But, always expect the downsides as well, and accept that it is part of life.  If Wayland’s sons get sad at leaving friends, she is prepared to make sure they connect with their Beaufort friends on vacations and three day school holidays.

Back to School

Dear IF readers,

Some of us are starting back to school soon.  As a family, not just the kids go back to school, but so does Mom.  I am ready actually.  At the beginning of the summer we are all ready to sleep in and have no schedule.  At the end of the summer, the lack of schedule, staying up late, and sleeping late, the money spent on entertaining the “bored” children, sends us flying back to our schedules, and school lunches.  Amen, Cat Wayland, Mom, Editor and Middle School Teacher

Catherine Wayland, Hilton Head, SC July 14 – LAFINC.ORG – Low Country Autism Foundation

Hello dear friends, today starts my campaign as co-chair for this year’s Low Country Autism Foundation fundraiser.  It will be held at the Hilton Head Country Club in HHP Plantation on Sept 11. What better way to honor a day that this country lost so many than to look to help those that are in need.   So, I am getting people to come to an evening of Deaz Guys, dinner, drinks and dancing for $90 per person.  Life is short, I worked in Wall Street before becoming a teacher, and right before 9/11 I was going up in the Twin Tower elevators and I thought, “someday this elevator is going to bust, or a fire break out…and I better do something meaningful….”  9/11 happened shortly after and I was not in the Liberty building or the Deutsche Bank building because I had left full time work as an analyst to work contract and decide what was next.  I was at 18 and 5th at the City Bakery and I watched the devastation in horror and then thought, “God must have heard my prayer…I better do something meaningful.” So, I gave birth to two beautiful sons, stayed home with them for 7 years, went back to get another Masters, this time in Education/Special Education and became a middle school teacher.  800 students later, I want to further challenge myself to do more charitable work. So here goes…if you have ever had a moment of clarity as I did in the Twin Tower elevators…that your life might be more about helping, giving, creating something magical with the gifts you have….jump on board for this year’s wonderful LAF (Lowcountry Autism Foundation).   I am looking to sell tickets, I am also looking for groups to take a table, I will be building a table, and I know a few companies that are taking people out and writing it off with the non profit tax id.  I am looking for auction items, vacation rentals, chefs, massages, tennis or golf pros, art, clothing, jewelry, symphony tickets, music lessons, theatre tickets, gift certificates, and door prizes that are $25-$50 retail baskets to promote local businesses, and finally yes CORPORATE SPONSORS!!!!!!!!!!!  Let’s dance, laugh and help someone who needs you!